Wedding Planning: Including Pets in Wedding Ceremonies

Would you like to include your furry friend in your wedding ceremonies but looking for help to come out of this dilemma? If your answer is yes, then you have landed at the right place. Here, in this content, you will come to know about some useful tips on how to bring your pet to wedding ceremonies. 

If you are interested in bringing your pet to your wedding ceremonies, you must ask yourself a few important questions:

How Far is the Wedding Venue Located from Your Home? 

  • Can your event have enough space to accommodate your pet? 
  • Does your accommodation have enough space to accommodate a pet? 
  • Does your pet feel okay in an all-new environment? 
  • Does your pet feel fine when meeting a large group of people? 
  • Are there other animals at your event that your pet may like to eat or chase? 
  • Do you have any such guests who can take care of your pet during the day?
  • Is it possible to hang up your decorations high so your pet can’t reach them?
  • Is it possible to include your pet’s name in the invitation card so that if any of your guests have allergies can prepare accordingly to attend the event? 

If the answer comes No to a couple of the above-mentioned questions, then your pet’s attending a wedding ceremony is not going to be practical at all. But you don’t need to worry at all as there are many other ways through which you can include them on your special day. 

Hire a Pet Sitter Who Will Take Care of Your Pet During the Wedding Ceremony

If you can find a good pet sitter in your area who is willing to go with you to your wedding event venue, then this is a great option you can opt for. For a dog owner, it is really difficult to celebrate a special day of his or her life without their little buddy by their side.

You should check whether pets are allowed in the venue or not. If you get a pet sitter, you can be relaxed as you will get someone to look after your little buddy at all times. You will get peace of mind. 

Decorate the Venue With Photos

The simplest way to include your pet in your event is by incorporating photos of your pet. Whether it is a cute display or free-standing frames, you should dot around the space. If you have done an engagement shoot, you can bring your pet along with you for the shoot and include your little friend in those images so you can later use them in decorating the wedding venue.

Even if you have done a smartphone shoot at home, you prefer to buy an outfit for your little one for the event. Everyone will love your furry friend wearing a bow tie. If you want, you can set up a separate space for your pet in the event and install an invisible fence around it so that your furry does not cross the fence. Any intruders or unknown persons can enter that area.

Inform Your Vendors That Your Pet is Accompanying You to the Even

This is the big news, of course. Your vendors will try their best to make your special a memorable event of your life, and therefore, they are focussed on every detail. Informing them beforehand is your duty because you never know what changes they have to make when they get to know that you are bringing your pet to the event.

You should inform the wedding planner first. They are the ones who handle the entire event. In fact, they even inform other vendors as well. Therefore, these are how you can bring the most loveable pet to your special day.